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Cập nhật mới về hoạt động của trường Waitakere College

Cập nhật mới về hoạt động của trường Waitakere College

Now that Sports teams have re-formed after Covid lockdown, Waitakere College has many competitions occurring in basketball, soccer football, rugby, hockey, badminton, netball and even athletics.  We are also hosting an inter-school chess tournament next Term, plus we have entered several small business ideas into the national competition ‘Young Enterprise Scheme’.  Our after-school hobby clubs are very active, including computer programming, environmental sustainability, art, orchestra, dance, hiking, and gardening.  Coming up is the senior school ball; this is a highlight in the social calendar for Yr 12s and Yr 13s.  Currently we are celebrating the Maori New Year, called Matariki, which is a time to reflect on and learn from the past while making plans for the future. This is very apt with NCEA exams being the focus of Terms 3 & 4, as students meet with our advisors in the school Careers Department to plan their future university study path and career goals.

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